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I. Georgiev, J. Krivanek, T. Davidovic, and P. Slusallek
Light Transport Simulation with Vertex Connection and Merging
Siggraph Asia 2012
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T. Davidovic, I. Georgiev, and P. Slusallek
Progressive Lightcuts for GPU
Talk at Siggraph 2012
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T. Davidovic, Thomas Engelhardt, I. Georgiev, P. Slusallek, and C. Dachsbacher
3D Rasterization: A Bridge between Rasterization and Ray Casting
38th Graphics Interface 2012 (GI2012)
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M. Hapala, T. Davidovic, I. Wald, V. Havran, and P. Slusallek
Efficient Stack-less BVH Traversal for Ray Tracing
27th Spring conference on Computer Graphics
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T. Davidovic, L. Marsalek, and P. Slusallek
Performance Considerations When Using a Dedicated Ray Traversal Engine
19th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision
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T. Davidovic, J. Krivanek, M. Hasan, P. Slusallek, and K. Bala
Combining Global and Local Virtual Lights for Detailed Glossy Illumination
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Proceedings of Siggraph Asia 2010
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T. Davidovic, L. Marsalek, N. Maeding, M. Kaltenbach, P.-H. Roth, and P. Slusallek
Ray Tracing Element for Cell/B.E.™
Poster at High Performance Graphics 2009
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C. Dachsbacher, P. Slusallek, T. Davidovic, T. Engelhart, M. Philipps and I. Georgiev
3D Rasterization - Unifying Rasterization and Ray Casting
Technical report of VISUS/Saarland University, 2009.
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T. Davidovic
Cryptographic Coprocessor
Master thesis at Czech Technical University in Prague
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T. Davidovic
Interactive Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes
Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics for students
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T. Davidovic, M. Havlan, M. Novotny, J. Schmidt, and P. Bezpalec
Framework for Research of ECDSA
Proceedings CD-ROM of Digital Technologies 2007, Zilina
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T. Davidovic, M. Havlan, M. Novotny, and J. Schmidt
Implementation of ECDSA in Combo6X Card
Proceedings CD-ROM of Digital Technologies 2006, Zilina
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T. Davidovic
TestLab - Profinet Network Tester
Bachelor thesis at Czech Technical University in Prague
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