Implementation of ECDSA in Combo6X Card

T. Davidovic, M. Havlan, M. Novotny, and J. Schmidt

Proceedings CD-ROM of Digital Technologies 2006, Zilina

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Abstract: This paper describes imple- mentation of a cryptographic coprocessor performing operations on elliptic curve points with affine coordinates in GF(2m). The coprocessor will be implemented in Xilinx Virtex II Pro XC2VP50 on a PCI-X card Combo6X. The goal is to compare the performance of solutions based on polynomial and normal bases when im- plemented into a complex system. Be- cause of this, the coprocessor has inter- changeable arithmetic units and a micro- programmable controller, allowing easy switching between both architectures. The paper describes the basics of the used algorithms, their implementation and pro- poses measurement techniques for com- paring the effectiveness of both variants in the context of a PC system.

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