TestLab - Profinet Network Tester

T. Davidovic

Bachelor thesis at Czech Technical University in Prague

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Abstract: The tempLab system is designed to test PROFINET industrial network that’s based on the 10Base-T Ethernet standard. The main functionalities are the option to independently break the RX and TX wires in an Ethernet cable and the option to use two LAN switches for an immediate network configuration change. The wire breaking allows simulation of communication interruption while the configuration change allows for example a short time connection of a measurement device or a generator. Both the breakers and the switches can be set completely independently in several start modes and with times defined in 21ns steps. Other offered functions are temperature measurement with up to sixteen thermal probes and turning up to sixteen tested devices on and off.

The whole tempLab device is connected by an USB cable to a controlling PC that controls all the functions. There are two applications dedicated to the function control. The first one is a GUI application that allows easy control of the tempLab’s correct functionality and its easy calibration. The other one is represented by a support library for Python script language that will be used to write the PROFINET tests. Both applications communicated with the tempLab device via a common DLL library that can be in the future easily used for any other application that will need to communicate with the tempLab device.

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